Whether you are at home or at work, you'll be able to adjust information, add content and event reminders or send messages to your child's mobile device.



Through their mobile or tablet, your children will have full-time support through the Virtual Amigo.



You'r child autonomy will grow every day thanks to the support that our application brings.

App available for iPhone and iPad.

Your kids may be accompanied by their Virtual Amigo either on their iPhone or iPad. Get the most of it by downloading the app on the table your children uses to work at school! Moreover, we are working hard so in the near future, you could also enjoy Virtual Amigo on Android devices.



Web Management.From any computer, at any time.

We've designed an intuitive control panel to connect you with your child. You can plan the agenda, send messages, schedule reminders every so often, upload pictures to be seen by your child, and also locate your child at any moment!

Collaborative Tool.

Give different permissions to your children's teachers so they can create new tasks on the calendar, such as homework or exams. It also acts as a communication channel between parents and teachers, to have a quick feed back and first-hand information about your child's progress.


Personal (parents)


10€ / month

First month is free

  • Personal use
  • Up to 3 children
  • Full support

Professional (teachers)


30€ / month

First month is free

  • Professional use
  • Up to 12 children
  • Full support



Custom prices

First month is free

  • Professional use
  • Open number of children and users
  • Full support

Who we Are

Virtual Amigo is born with great enthusiasm and excitement, as a result of the collaboration between Narada Robotics and Fundación Planeta Imaginario, to make you and your children's life much easier. Our deep experience in R&D, software development and mobility technology, along with the pedagogical knowledge from Planeta Imaginario, give us the perfect ingredients to create the ultimate tool for family communication.

Our Goals

Parenting today can be very complicated, we know. That's why we want to help you manage your children's daily activities, help them learn to become more independent and manage their own tasks. Do not waste your time chasing them to do their homework! Virtual Amigo does it for you!

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Born in the heart of Barcelona, we are a R&D technology company focused on Virtual Assistants, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and 3D, with a specialized technical team, and an excellent working environment.

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